MapleStory Legends: Be Legendary

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There is no figure more moving than the villain who seeks redemption. The Demon Slayer was once a commander in the Black Mage's army until the event that made him realize whom he was fighting for. On January 11, Demon Slayer joins the Resistance, determined to free Edelstein and atone for his past no matter the cost!

Class Audition

The Demon Slayer fights with an impressive one-handed axe or blunt weapon and guards with the Demon Aegis, a shield exclusively made for the Demon Slayer. Also, the Demon Slayer utilizes a new kind of energy called "Demon Fury" instead of MP. This gauge charges as you hunt monsters.

Demon Impact

Instantly activate the Demon Slayer's dormant power and deal significant damage to multiple enemies in front of you. The damage is amplified when used against a boss monster.

Demon Cry

Awaken the Demon Slayer potential and obliterate multiple enemies in the surrounding. This skill lowers the target's attack, defense, and accuracy stats while raising the item drop rate and EXP for the player.

Dark Metamorphosis

Lead, double jump, and glide like a proper slayer should using the terrifyingly majestic wings.

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