Chapter:9 Resurrection


Level 60: Altera Enters a New Age

You've defeated Judge Apocalypse, Leviatha, Kuzata, and countless other foes. You've liberated Saint's Haven, Carderock Pass, and Lotus Marsh from the clutches of evil. You've forged new alliances, amassed deadly enemies, and weathered vicious betrayals. But your most dangerous adventures still lie ahead. Level 60 is here, and the stakes are higher than ever.

The Story

Teram, leader of the Divine Order, has returned to Saint's Haven, but not alone. He brings Rose and news of Varnak, a fallen hero who has returned from the dead under the Dragon Cultists' control. Teram intends to put his old friend to rest once and for all, but with Rose's visions fading and Gerrant's sword in Velskud's possession, the situation is looking direr by the minute.

Find Velskud and free Varnak's soul to deal a deadly blow to the Dragon Cultists!

Meteorite Crater Stages

The Story

New Skills

With new dangers lurking around every corner, only the brave will survive Altera's latest challenges. Of course, a healthy dose of skill doesn't hurt either! Level up and learn new level 55 and 60 skills to fight back the new enemies in Chapter 9: Resurrection.

New Nests

With all that newfound power buzzing through your veins, will you be the one to stop the evil Professor K and Typhoon Krag? Enter these new nests through the Garden of Eternity and restore justice to Altera!

Professor Nest

Professor K's true name is a mystery, but his legacy is known throughout Altera. This brilliant biologist was once at the top of his field, but after an unknown disease killed his wife, something in that genius mind of his snapped, plunging him into madness. To understand the disease that took his wife, he used the power of the meteorite to create unknown life forms which resulted in failure.

Until now.

Enter Professor K's Nest through the Garden of Eternity and fight the unholy abominations he has conjured into existence. Keep your eye out for Professor K's hidden journals to learn more about his descent into madness and unlock a hidden area.

Typhoon Krag Nest

Typhoon Krag Nest

Typhoon Krag, the leader of the orcs, isn't too thrilled with the fate of his people, and he's tired of fighting humans, so he's amassed an army of orcs to destroy anyone who messes with his kind again. He's also enlisted the help of the Dragon Cultists, which means adventurers everywhere are on high alert.

Enter Typhoon Krag's Nest through the Garden of Eternity and show him why humans drove orcs away in the first place! But be careful of Typhoon Krag's devious ways; he's been known to protect himself with hidden bombs. Find the bomb somewhere in the nest and you'll unlock a bonus gateway with additional rewards.